Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Newest Swarovski Crystallized Elements Picks

Hi Everyone,

Twice a year Swarovski Crystallized Elements releases thier newest and sparkliest innovations

finally, we have recieved our favorite picks of the newest Launch spring 2009 collection! in this newest collection,

two new colors: Red Magma, and Air Blue Opal

Red Magma a special finish color simulating a color of lava -very rich, bold and fiery..

Air Blue Opal a soft milky powder blue (the 2x version is absolutely beautiful ) like a Hydrengia flower.

Pendant shapes include: Disk Pendant , Lily pendant, dragonfly wing. these shapes are fun, and unusual. expand your design skills and try them someday!

so far we have made our newest bead charm named Freddy with the air blue opal and Cherry Blossom pendants with the Red Magma it is really a fun task to figure out what colors to choose as the color really makes a difference in your design.