Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Grinch and talented amazing people

My Sister is known to us as the drill sargent of the store.      she is always after us to clean up and put things away, or gives us work to do all day long.   I came up with a great idea a month ago, it was to make a DIY christmas bead book so my very talented brother in law has been working really hard on the layout of this book as the creative director I had no idea how much work goes into making a book even it is is litttle. my sister has also given him a list of projects that he needs to finish in a hurry (what's New?) we are always in a hury!    my brother in law is teasing my sister that she stole 2 of his HOLIDAYS from work so he as affectionally called here the grinch.. take a look at the face of the photo does it look familiar??  haha haha!! it's Debbie.  but my brother in law should not be to worried... since he did so much work for us we are sending him on a vacation to visit his parents in ASIA.. lucky ducky

Last night, I went to see the Micheal Jackson movie I have to be honest, I was not planning to see it my cousin took me to dinner for my birthday and her friend wanted to see it so I tagged along.   I always liked his music and wondered about some of the controversy that followed him .. just watching all the footage of the rehersals gave me chicken skin seeing and hearing, watching the talent and how this man thought out of the box how he encouraged the best out of each of his tour staff and how he loved his sparkle!!  do you know that the blue Billie Jean Suit he was going to wear had 7-1/2 pounds of Swarovski crystal on it?   If you have some time, it's a must see and a closure to his life work.