Monday, March 8, 2010

First Weekend In March

   This weekend at Ward Wharehouse was the Soft Flex bead show,
   now I have to admit, I rarely every go to these type of shows, mainly because I am a slave to the shop and rarely venture out and because I really don't need anything.. ;)   but as a Swarovski Ambassador, I decided it was time to check out the show and besides, my friend Andrew Thornton was going to be there selling for Green Girl studios. Dannelle aka Bruiser and I set off to the show looking for something to tempt us.. we looked at tables and tables of semiprecious, china metal, crystal rivolis, handmade glass beads, bruiser settled for a cupcake bead from JuJu beads, and I settled for a little bag full of fairy charms and beads by Green Girl ,I have to be honest and say, at this show I did not see anything different enough that really caught my eye.. I ran into Micheal  V. who is an amazing jewelry designer he bought a cool dragon necklace made with wireing and a glass dragon  it's an art piece. we ran into several customers who were surprised to see us and in our street clothes and not the CBY uniform :) we left the show spending less than $75.00 and we headed downstairs to visit our friends at the wedding cafe and then to find lunch and head back to the shop where they were super busy  YAY!!

Saturday afternoon my family and several friends headed out to Mailae Kahana beach which is a really long drive we chose that beach (as if we arn't surrounded by beaches right?)because of the circle island drive it would take us on and It's not crowded.. when
I got there, my sister handed me a beautiful purple shell.  she said there were quite a few here and there in the sand as the ocean washes them up so right away, I set out for a walk in the sand to find my own, I am in the process of reading a novel called Remarkable
Creatures, which tells a tale of finding shells and fossils on the beach on the east coast beach in the early 1900's  my little helper and I found a whole handfull of them with the clear bubble animal attached and a few that were empty.. we took pictures ofo them and showed our friends then we put back all the shells with animals back into the ocean so they could continue to live.

 the sky was picture perfect but it was really windy and the ocean tide was very rough  so all the babies had to be bundled in warm towels and jackets..