Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My 2010 Tucson Adventure

My trip to Tucson, Arizona began as I arrived at my hotel where I have to say is a definate oasis in the dessert my hotel is gently tucked into the hills surrounded by hills of saguaro cactus, each morning I awoke to a beautiful dessert view.  I checked into my hotel into my room, dropped off my luggage and went straight to Trader Joes (we don't have them in Hawaii) to purchase a list of goodies !
First thing the very next morning, I headed out the the Create Your Style  with CRYSTALLIZED-TM  Swarovski Elements where each day, I had a class to teach and one day I demonstrated how to make CRYSTALLIZED bouquet jewels ,   I held 3 sold out classes : Secret Garden Bracelet, and Bel Fiore neckalace I was so proud of all my students as they all finished and were able to leave with a new piece of jewelry.  I realize each time I teach a class, no matter how prepared you are? there is always something you did not think about, and although I have taught for many years I always leave a class having learned something from my students. 
  I was so blessed to have Kristin, who is a crafts department staffer for Martha Stewart take a class of mine she blogged the entire project!!  you can view it on  thankyou Kristin! :) this was my closest  claim to fame.. it was so nice to meet Kristin after I had seen her on the Martha Stewart show a  few times and was always impressed by her as she delivered her crafts project on live TV.  

As I am part of the Swarovski Ambassador Program, we were priveleged to sit thru a launch release presentation where we learned about all the new and upcomming products....

and as always, myself along with the other Swarovski Ambasadors, are always alittle teary eyed as the Create your Style with CRYSTALLIZED-TM Swarovski Elements  show comes to an end . however at the end of the show comes the customer appreciation party where we along with other Sparkling customers can gather and let loose dancing, socializing, networking..  hundreds of pictures are taken and memories that will hold us until next time.
when all the teaching was over I finally had the chance to shop.. and shop and shop it's amazing how fast your money can dissappear :( and how much time it takes to choose and pick over the thousands of vendors. this year I only made it to 4 shows.... Yes, I feel like i missed out on something but really, Did I have any more money to spend??? NO..... but what I did purchase and information gathered i felt like I covered enough ground and I am a happy camper!