Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 2010

Hello Friends!
It has been a long time since my last post.. so if you are reading this you have seen our new page  which we are giving a makeover.  we have had a busy month at 
Creations By You as we have been renovating our beading area and working on new displays to grow our creativity. we are nearly finished ! can you imagine, we have been here for now 21 years!!   so to mark our anniversary, we decided to renovate GREEN! we purchased all our fixtures from a stationary business that was retiring, and repurposed them for our bead boutique.. all we bought brand new was a few plexiglass displays and peg hooks. what a task it was moving all the old grids and shelving units,  and moving in and installing the new fixtures luckily we had some strong volunteers to help us unload the truck (because Bruiser and I are weaklings) aka WHIMPS!  Debbie is stronger than we are and worked the hardest along with our dad  so thankyou DAD!! we wouldn't have a nice new space if it wasn't for you. renovating was a secret ...we closed for 3 days and reopened to excited customes who had no idea of the renovation but knew to come in and register to possibly win one of 3 gift certificates! and special purchase of kits.
     stay tuned for some new designs by our creative design team..... comming soon!
WE love love love our renovation! if you have not been in since... please come in and explore the changes.

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