Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new way to view email, sparkle event and more

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved Creations By You information superhighway
way back in April, I started playing around with blogspot but as you can see, just 2 posts since... ( I am still practicing ! ) time is always a factor... there is only 24 hours in a day.. I need a minimim of 30!
first of all we have an addition to the Creations By You family, I now have the cutest one month old grandson his name is Ryan.. he and my daughter live with me so that means I am a full time grandma and when he wakes up at 3:30 am to drink a bottle... I wake up to make sure his mother doesn't fall asleep feeding him... so I have a broken sleep pattern. by the time I have a chance to do some writing... I am much too sleepy I suppose God created coffee for the very reason of helping us keep awake when we need to or even just to use as a personality adjustment...for those of us who are ADD which coffee helps also. my coffee intake is now 3-5 cups :( I save it to survive the day...
enough of me... you must come to the shop and meet Sabrina who is a very sassy kitty she loves sparkly goodies .. she even has a rhinestone collar and eyes! she only eats Crystal I promise and no litter box ... she is our newest bead charm kit.
our class schedule is out take a look and reserve your space..
new classes! and we added a Sunday
Sparkle Event....
Debbie... my crazy sister has informed me that our customers are wanting a Sparkle Event. so
we have secured two dates Tuesday and Wednesday August 25th and August 26th price is $30.00 this includes all the projects for the evening, and Dinner of all, you have Me, Debbie and the talented Bruiser (Ms.. Danelle ..) to entertain you.. Ha Ha!
call now to reserve your space.

Have a great Day

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