Friday, July 31, 2009

Rivoli or ravioli?

often, we recieve phone calls asking if we carry ravioli stones.... so we ask ravioli?? isn't that pasta? do you mean rivoli ? and the answer to that is YES!

rivoli is a fancy stone cut made by swarovski it is one of the most multi purpose of all stones and is available in many sizes and colors ..
another unknown fact is: it is one of the least expensive of the fancy stone line for how much effect it gives off...

I have to also say.. when you purchase a rivoli stone, make sure that it is Swarovski crystallized Elements... not czech or china made... how can you tell? simply hold the piece in between your pointer and thumb fingers and gently spin the rivoli. you will see the facets dance.. other manufactures of this shape cannot reproduce the amazing facets that swarovski crystallized elements does.
FYI... thes little beauties are available in standard colors along with aftermarket coatings like chili pepper , verde, vitrail medium etc.. we stock a lovely assortment of colors and sizes.. come in and see the collection.

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