Thursday, August 20, 2009

Color combinations

As we get dressed each day, we choose thru our drawers and closets full of clothes deciding on what to mix and match as far as colors and prints. what about me?? well, I am almost embarrassed to say, that 99.9% of my closet holds black clothes.. in fact, when I happen to wear something with a color.. my friends say, oh! so you do own different color clothes!!!
OK.. so in my defense, there are 2 reasons I wear black... one because when I shop, I either like the design and not the color, or I like the color but not the design. I think that if they had a vending machine that you can choose the size, color, print and then boom it comes out exactly the way you like it than, maybe I would have more colors in my wardrobe.
the 2nd reason is.. that with black I can accessorise and my sparklie Crystal jewels will show up better..
I have found that for alot of our customers, they have a hard time choosing and matching up colors and textures.. and they come to us for help in choosing color palets that compliment one another there are so so many colors, shapes, textures out there that how do we choose?
we have all heard of the color wheels that have been used for years to say what color season you should wear to match you? but the same does not go for beading..
Crystallized with Swarovski Elements has innovated this new color wheel using the colors in their bead and pearl lines it's really a cool tool because, it has helped many mix and match in unique color combinations that they would never imagine.
this color wheels is so affordable selling for only, $4.00 fun and useful.

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