Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where can you find Inspiration?

I have found that Inspriation can come from just about anywhere anytime.. you could find it by starring at the clouds, a swirl in leaves, texture in a garment, jewelry,  music even food.
when I am creating new jewlery pieces, I like to spill out a whole bunch a beads and work with it in piles  so that I can see everything at once.
and sometimes the ideas are slow to come but
after sitting there for a while and trying different
options the ideas start to flow and like magic.. there are my little creations.

 I recently purchased a  few magazines at the Borders I think you may enjoy. first of all
Where Women Create Now I have to tell you that this is my favorite magazine and I cannot wait until they release new issues. this is the most inspiring magazine as it goes into the lives and workspaces of some of our favorite well known creative women..
 then I picked up STUFFED..
okay, this is not for everyone but if you do alittle bit of sewing you can appreciate this the projects are so ugly and odd that they are so darn cute you want to make one   I had to pick this one up mainly for the deer and the owl.
and lastly, Green crafting... a different take on crafting as we know it but it's so interesting how someone could take a dryer sheet and make something cool from it.

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